Best Universities to Study Civil Engineering in Spain

Studying abroad in any European country is an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. Spain is among the most popular countries to pursue a higher education degree because of its rich culture and history, and they offer a wide range of study programs in English. Spanish universities have a more effortless application procedure than other studies abroad countries, which is a worthwhile experience. 

can help you get the professional experience you want. Spanish universities offer multiple opportunities to work on engineering projects with fully equipped facilities. 

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Here are some of the best universities to study civil engineering in Spain:

University of Jaen

The University of Jaen is home to the Linares Higher Polytechnic School, which offers a degree in Civil Engineering 鈥攁 four-year degree program. This degree program is available in-campus only, and Spanish is the only language of instruction. The degree in civil engineering from the University of Jaen typically earns students the title of Public Works Technical Engineer as the regulated profession. 

The University of Jaen offers career guidance through the Student Help and Assistance Service for students who have yet to decide their future after graduation. The Civil Engineering degree at this university is also available as a joint degree with the degree in Mining Technology Engineering offered at the same Polytechnic School. 

A degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Jaen increases the chances of employment opportunities. Graduates can work in any of the following sectors:

  • Construction companies. 
  • Transport companies. 
  • Water and energy companies.
  • Maintenance.
  • Conservation.
  • Control and evaluation of projects.
  • University teaching.

University of Granada

The University of Granada is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, and international students find it the ideal place to pursue their higher education studies. As such, a degree in Civil Engineering from this university is a prestigious title since the Andalusian Council approved it for Universities in 2009.  This four-year degree program is delivered face-to-face, and Spanish is the language of instruction. Civil engineering students at the University of Granada earn training based on the European profile and can work in any technical engineering field. 

Graduates of Civil Engineering from this higher education institution learn about the many aspects of engineering, such as human, economic, social, legal, and ethical. Here are other skills that civil engineering majors gain throughout their studies:

  • Project management abilities. 
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Use effective communication. 
  • Quickly adapt to changes. 
  • Lead and come up with solutions. 

University of Cadiz 

The undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cadiz is a professional training program that also offers a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering for students who wish to advance their engineering careers. The four-year bachelor’s degree program in Civil Engineering requires students to carry out basic training courses, electives, and a final degree project as a thesis. 

The detailed curriculum of this degree program includes 66 ECTS credits of basic training that consists of Algebra, Calculus, Construction materials, Physics, etc. Some elective courses for this degree program are Civil Construction, Hydrology, and Urban Transport and Services. 

The good news for international students is that some courses are delivered in English as part of the Bilingualism project at the University of Cadiz. This degree program provides students with skills necessary for professional training as future engineers. Some of these skills include:

  • Problem-solving. 
  • Organizational skills. 
  • Analyzing information. 
  • Critical thinking skills. 
  • The ability to utilize responsible judgments in real situations. 

University of Alicante 

The University of Alicante is known for its high-quality education, equivalent to the European standard. International students find it ideal for getting a prestigious higher education degree in Spain. The curriculum for the civil engineering degree is divided into three main modules and multiple optional subjects. Some of the compulsory subjects include:

  • Roads and airports. 
  • Hydraulic engineering.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Geotechnology. 
  • Road alignment and drainage. 
  • Energy systems and power plants.
  • Urban planning.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Dams

On the other hand, there are many available options for choosing an elective (or more), such as:

  • Electrical installations
  • River engineering
  • Logistics
  • English I, II
  • Bridges
  • Waste management and treatment.
  • Environmental acoustics. 

The University of Alicante offers scholarships, funding, and emergency grants for applicants interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. The University of Alicante offers tuition waivers yearly, and the Student Support Centre provides emergency grants for those who prove a lack of monetary support. 

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

The Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is offered as part of the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering. Civil engineering students use this degree to train at a professional level to become experts in the field of civil engineering. The degree program in civil engineering at this university aims to meet all the requirements and objectives of the UN鈥檚 Sustainable Development program. 

The bachelor鈥檚 degree in civil engineering is a four-year program, and international students benefit from the language of instruction being 100% English. The Polytechnic University of Catalonia graduates with a degree in civil engineering can work in companies that deal with infrastructure, managers, logistic centers, etc. Below you can find some of the professional opportunities for civil engineering students:

  • Transport infrastructure. 
  • Roads and water, energy channels.
  • Natural resource and water management. 
  • Public spaces
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Logistic centers

Polytechnic University of Valencia 

The four-year bachelor鈥檚 degree program in civil engineering is available at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. With this bachelor’s degree, you can also apply for the Master鈥檚 degree in Civil Engineering. Other master’s programs that accept this bachelor鈥檚 degree in civil engineering include:

  • Planning and Management in Civil Engineering.
  • Transport, Territory, and Urbanism.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Concrete Engineering.
  • Hydraulic Engineering and Environment.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia allows students to complete their internship training in any of the 70 foreign partnering universities. These partnerships include several international countries such as Germany, the UK, the US, Denmark, France, Italy, Finland, Austria, etc. Aside from university training, students can also carry out paid internships in local and international companies, public administration institutions, engineering services, etc. 

Graduates of the undergraduate degree in civil engineering can participate in multidisciplinary teams, communicate their ideas efficiently and adequately, etc.

UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

The UCAM Catholic University of Murcia welcome international students to pursue a bachelor鈥檚 degree in civil engineering to join a high-quality university. They offer multiple internship options available in the university or externally in several partnering companies. The UCAM Catholic University of Murcia has agreements with over 2,000 companies that help prepare students for a bright future career in engineering. 

There are multiple available options to pursue a career with a degree in civil engineering, and we have listed some of the most popular professions:

  • Director, manager, or coordinator in public or private companies. 
  • Planner or manager of projects. 
  • Concession manager. 
  • Civil engineer in sanitation works. 
  • Teaching. 

Applicants for the bachelor鈥檚 degree in civil engineering must have knowledge of mathematics and physics, strong problem-solving skills, and an attitude toward teamwork. 

European University of Madrid 

The degree in Civil Engineering at the European University of Madrid is the first-degree program in Spain to include Building Information Modeling (BIM) in civil engineering studies. The four-year degree program will train future civil engineers with an internationally recognized methodology and help develop their innovative vision. The degree program in civil engineering is only available in Spanish. 

There are many reasons to pursue a degree in civil engineering at the European University of Madrid, including a global recognition that allows graduates to work in other countries such as Peru, Colombia, the UK, the US, or Brazil. The School of Architecture, Engineering, and Design that offers the civil engineering degree also provide students with excellent facilities and innovative laboratories with the latest technologies. 

Among the many benefits that the degree in civil engineering from the European University of Madrid offers is the high employability rate, where 100% of graduates find jobs in the engineering field.