Best Universities to Study International Business in Spain

The Spanish lifestyle, low cost of living, and even lower tuition fees are just a few of the many benefits that studying abroad in Spain can bring. Whether an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, Spanish universities have it all. International students find a great networking environment with over 100 nationalities pursuing higher education studies in Spain. 

Spain is considered one of the most popular countries in Europe for getting a higher education degree in business-related fields. Majors of international business in Spain have the opportunity to focus on a wide range of renowned specializations because of the internationally recognized universities. Since the business industry is in high demand worldwide, Spain is among the countries with a large number of business schools that offer excellent qualifications and educational backgrounds.聽

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Here are some of the top universities in Spain to study international business: 

Marbella International University Centre

The Marbella International University Centre offers a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in international business management. The degree program takes four years to complete, and the language of instruction is entirely English. 

Marbella International University Centre is considered one of the best universities in Spain for international business for many reasons, and here are some of the most popular ones: 

  • Learning opportunities. Graduates will have the ability to start their own business or use the strategies acquired at the university to manage an existing business. 
  • Acquire professional skills. With an international business degree at the Marbella University Centre, students know how to make last-minute decisions, solve problems using critical thinking skills, strengthen their negotiation and communication skills, etc. 
  • Great career opportunities. An honors degree in international business means more possibilities, such as enrolling in a postgraduate degree and increasing chances of employment in the industry. 

EU Business School

The EU Business School has campuses in several cities in Europe: Barcelona, Munich, Montreux, and Geneva, plus an online learning option. The Barcelona campus offers a bachelor鈥檚 degree (with honors) in international business management, which takes three years to complete. The language of instruction is entirely in English, and there are 180 ECTS credits awarded based on a thorough course curriculum. 

The international business degree at the EU Business School offers a student-based method of learning where students learn international business through the following fields: 

  • 贰肠辞苍辞尘颈肠蝉听
  • 厂迟谤补迟别驳测听
  • 尝补飞听
  • Finance
  • Marketing and Trade

Home to some of the largest internationally recognized companies, such as Airbnb, Amazon, and the Siemens Innovation Center, Barcelona is ideal for studying international business. The academic staff is equipped with an excellent educational background, and they are always ready to share their experiences and knowledge for a successful career in business. 

ESEI International Business School 

The master’s degree in international business at ESEI International Business School is combined with international relations, and it is a perfect method for a chance in global business. The international business and relations degree program at ESEI aims to teach majors about the political and economic interactions between countries and nations worldwide. Graduates of international business will also learn the strategies behind the international business, including import and export. 

With an international business degree from ESEI International Business School, graduates are qualified for several career options such as:

  • International Public Institutions.聽
  • Consulting with Foreign Businesses.
  • International Marketing.
  • Trading with Foreign Businesses: Import and Export.
  • Outsourcing.
  • International Investment Management.

The international business degree program at ESEI International Business School prepares graduates to understand foreign trade and analyze political and economic social affairs. 

University of Deusto: Deusto Business School 

Deusto Business School offers a master鈥檚 degree in international business where 60% of students are international. The benefit of studying international business at Deusto Business School is that they teach entirely in English. Internships are a requirement for completing the course, and most international companies offer full-time internships for students of Deusto Business School. 

The University of Deusto offers this program for students who wish to lead in international business projects and also like to have the opportunity to design strategies for global businesses. Graduates of this program will be able to work in a multicultural and international environment and travel around the world to check on international markets. 

The international business program at Deusto Business School includes a thorough teaching curriculum where students learn through presentations, role-play case studies, visits to influential companies, and success stories. 

Toulouse Business School

At TBS, one can get an MSC degree in international business, which entails that a graduate has the ability and knowledge of all internationalization processes of a business. With a professional academic staff who obtain a Ph.D. in international business, students learn the ins and outs of the global markets. Professors guide students in navigating the network of international business while introducing them to experts and practitioners. 

The TBS MSC degree in international business provides students with the skills and knowledge to work in any of the following fields related to international business: 

  • Business Management 
  • International Sales Management 
  • Business Consultancy 
  • International Economy 
  • Management Consultancy 

The Toulouse Business School is focused on preparing students with as many skills as possible that they believe will best help their professional careers. Some of the skills that students acquire at this university are communication skills, leadership, management, problem-solving and team-working skills. 

EAE Business School

With campuses in two of the most popular cities in Spain, Barcelona, and Madrid, the EAE Business School offers a master鈥檚 degree in international business. During studies, one understands the principles of the latest global market trends and can apply the gained knowledge in their future careers. Students have the opportunity to stay in New York at Pace University to complete a two-week program as part of their final degree course. 

The EAE Business Schools has partnered with some of the most prestigious companies worldwide to employ their future graduates: Schneider Electrics, Nestle, Repsol, Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Santander, and Disney. Furthermore, the EAE Business School is ranked among the top 22 best business schools in the world, according to Erudera. 

Graduates of EAE have skills that will help them understand the global business world, such as functional methods and techniques of business, personal development, strategic decision-making, and creativity. 

GBSB Global Business School 

At the GBSB, one can get a master鈥檚 degree in international business management, with English as the main language of instruction. The degree program takes nine months to complete, and it is a full-time program. Located in Madrid, the GBSB offers students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the business world, starting from the global economy to how leaders manage their businesses. 

The international business management degree program at GBSB has a detailed syllabus that offers three specialization options, which include: 

  • Business in Europe and Russia 
  • The economy of Asia and Chinese Business
  • Business in Latin America and Brazil 

Graduates of GBSB are qualified to work in any job category that includes an international level of the business industry. They are equipped with an excellent educational background and eager to follow some of the highest job positions locally or internationally. 

Madrid Campus – ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School offers an online master鈥檚 degree in international business, where the language of instruction is either English or French. Even though the mode of learning is 100% online, the duration of the program is a maximum of three years. Considering the global market for business education is in high demand and the competition is increasing, this is an ideal degree program for students who wish to have a world-renowned education and an internationally recognized degree.聽

The international business program at ESCP includes 18 courses that mainly focus on leadership and management as the university’s primary mission. With campuses in multiple countries in Europe, students can use a vast network of business students and professionals during their studies.  

The syllabus of this program includes strategy, cross-cultural management, marketing, international business development, digital marketing, etc.