Best Universities to Study Architecture in Spain

Spain is known for its architectural and design appeal all over the world. Students who want to study architecture find Spanish universities to be the ideal destination. Other than the attractive landscapes of Spain, the historical and geographical architecture is one of the many reasons to study in Spain

Considering the tuition fees for architecture can get up to 鈧30,000 per year at some universities in Spain, some students might not be able to afford it. Therefore, Spain also offers the option of getting an online degree, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

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Here are some of the best universities to study architecture in Spain: 

University of Navarra

Offered by the School of Architecture at the University of Navarra, the teaching mentality is built around learning with projects in a problem-solving environment. The university鈥檚 partnership with prestigious companies has benefited the student鈥檚 future after graduation. Team-work and workshops are a priority in the School of Architecture courses. 

The program is taught both in English and Spanish, and it offers several subjects, divided into three parts depending on the students鈥 interests. The three topics include Creative Project Management / Creative Management, Urban Project Management / Urban Management, and Technical Project Management / Technical Management. The degree in architecture takes five years to complete.

To become a professional architect in the industry of renowned names, students must continue their studies further and receive a Master鈥檚 degree in Architecture.

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

The Barcelona School of Design and Engineering offers a degree in both engineering and architecture simultaneously. The program takes four years to complete, and the graduating title has accreditation from The University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia. The program comprises four courses and eight semesters, with the final semester including a project which allows you to get the degree.

The university offers students the possibility of getting an internship in Spain through partnerships with big companies such as Sony, Hard Rock Cafe, Swarovski, etc. To get an internship deal, students must fulfill the main requirement of having at least 120 ECTS credits when applying. 

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering provides courses in two main languages of instruction, English, and Spanish. The variation of language depends on the course.

European University of Madrid 

Whether a potential student is interested in a bachelor鈥檚 degree or master鈥檚 in architecture, the European University of Madrid – School of Architecture, Engineering and Design gives both degrees. One of the most popular degrees in this school is the Bachelor’s degree in Fundamentals of Architecture. After graduating with the major mentioned above, students can continue their studies and get a Master’s degree in Architecture. 

Upon completing this five-year-long degree, students can apply to any company or institution in the European Union. The qualifications that graduates earn at the School of Architecture provides them with the skills and knowledge to become a certified architect in the making. 

In the fifth year of studies, students must work on their diploma project. This final task counts for 12 ECTS credits and it is an essential requirement for graduating.

International University of Catalonia

The International University of Catalonia offers a Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Architecture located in the city of Barcelona. With about 60 seats available, this undergraduate program lasts a little more than four years – 10 semesters. Students are supposed to learn in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan. The academic staff is almost 100% composed of practicing professionals in architecture who work on personal projects aside from teaching. 

More than 80% of graduates with a Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Architecture from this university get employed in the related occupation of architecture. Those interested in further advancing their careers professionally can choose from the master鈥檚 degrees offered by the university. Some of them include a Master鈥檚 degree in Architecture and Design Business Management and a Master鈥檚 degree in Biodigital Architecture.

Nebrija University

At Nebrija University, applicants for undergraduate degrees can enroll in a double degree made out of Fundamentals of Architecture with Interior Design. Although the program is in Spanish, English language proficiency is a requirement for enrollment. The exam is held on university premises. Another exam required for admission is the psycho technical test which makes up 15% of the entry requirements. 

The first semester includes the basics of applied sciences subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, etc. During the second and third years, students get an introduction to the history of architecture, structural, and architectural projects. Students attend professional development workshops by the end of the fourth year and the beginning of the fifth. 

To graduate with a Bachelor鈥檚 in Fundamentals of Architecture + Interior Design, students must select two electives to complete within the final semester along with the final project. 

IE School of Architecture and Design 

The IE School of Architecture and Design has campuses in two locations in Spain: Madrid and Segovia. Taught entirely in English, the Bachelor in Architectural Studies takes five years to complete. Students need a master鈥檚 degree to get licensed and practice architecture professionally. Through this institution, students can attend master鈥檚 studies in Architecture in Madrid and Amsterdam as a combination of programs. 

In the first two years of their bachelor鈥檚, students are presented with the basics of architecture and guides on implementing their ideas in a work-like environment. The third-year continues to teach students about the initial techniques around architecture. The fourth and fifth years are considered the advanced years. 

Research techniques – taught at the end of the degree, are a priority for architecture and student advancement. 

Rovira i Virgili University 

A Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Architecture is available at the Rovira i Virgili University. As an undergraduate degree in Architecture, this program takes five years to complete. Depending on whether students choose full-time or part-time studies, the duration may be prolonged or shortened. 

According to the requirements of practicing architecture internationally and in Spain, a five-year bachelor is crucial. The languages of instruction include Catalan, Spanish and English. English language, however, is not a compulsory requirement, considering the university might deliver only a few selected subjects in English. 

Rovira i Virgili University offers two kinds of specialization in the Architecture department: Architectural Heritage and Urbanism. The first one invites students to learn about the technical aspects of architecture, and the other focuses more on the design and planning of the buildings. 

Rey Juan Carlos University

The Rey Juan Carlos University offers a bachelor鈥檚 degree in the Fundamentals of Architecture as an option for a full-time or part-time university degree. Located in Madrid, applicants are given the choice of choosing from two consecutive start dates to enroll officially: September and October. Tuition fees are stable, and the cost is approximately 鈧38,570 per year. 

With a Bachelor鈥檚 in the Fundamentals of Architecture, students can immediately apply for a master鈥檚 in the same or similar field to become a certified architect and pursue the desired careers. The duration of this undergraduate degree is five years, and the only language of instruction is Spanish. 

This program includes numerous courses on architecture such as project and construction management, sociology and urban planning, business and management, construction, design, and art.  

University of Salamanca 

The University of Salamanca invites students to enroll in a master鈥檚 degree program in Architecture and Interior Design. This program lasts for eight months, and it is held entirely on the Salamanca University campus. Upon completion of the degree, the graduate must have a total of 90 ECTS earned. 

The entire academic year will include seminars and workshops to train future graduates for the job industry. The graduation requirements include students presenting their work for a whole academic year by the end of the program. There are three projects in total that students should complete while studying to qualify for the diploma. 

University of Alcala

The School of Architecture at the University of Alcala is one of the oldest in Spain, created in 1999. They offer all higher education levels in architecture, including undergraduate degree programs, a Master鈥檚 degree in Advanced Architecture, and a Doctorate in Architecture, which requires a specific research project. 

The specialization courses offered at the University of Alcala School of Architecture include numerous aspects of architecture. 

Subjects that are worth mentioning:

  • Town Planning and Design
  • History
  • Mathematics 
  • Physics
  • Geometry
  • Architectural Construction 
  • Restoration