Best Universities to Study Mechanical Engineering in Spain

The higher education system in Spain is one of the many factors that attract international students to pursue a degree in Spanish universities. Aside from the multiple degrees offered, life in Spain can be an enriching and unique experience. Studying abroad in Spain means experiencing the true student life, with several types of student accommodation, budget-friendly costs of living, and an outstanding culture. 

Spanish universities have a reputation for prestigious , which are internationally recognized. Furthermore, students can choose from a large variety of specializations in the field of mechanical engineering. 

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Here are some of the best universities to study mechanical engineering in Spain:

Mondragon University

The Mechanical Engineering program is an official undergraduate program with a four-year study plan. The curriculum is based on languages of instruction: Spanish, Basque, and English. The benefits of a mechanical engineering degree at this university are the employability rate, where almost 93% of graduates find jobs upon graduation. Other benefits include the multiple specialization options are:

  • Industrial Design 
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Biomechanics 

Students will gain knowledge and skills they can implement into their future professions as industrial or technical engineers. Moreover, a degree in mechanical engineering teaches students the basics of materials, mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, design, and manufacturing processes. 

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Mondragon University, you can work in several sectors such as:

  • Industrial sector.
  • Research and Consultancy.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Teaching.
  • Project Director.
  • Manufacturing management.
  • Quality management.

Jaume I University

Jaume I University offers a bachelor鈥檚 degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is part of the School of Technology and Experimental Sciences. This degree program is designed to train students on the many aspects of mechanical engineering, including the few listed below:

  • Mechanical systems. 
  • Thermal systems.
  • Hydraulic systems.
  • Installations.
  • Structures.

The Jaume I University is popularly known for its multiple mobility programs, which offer students the chance to develop their networking and language skills. Furthermore, the university provides students with career guidance and compulsory work placement, easing the process of finding employment after graduation. 

The bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Jaume I University allows students to get two European degrees through the international double degree program. The degree program also enables excellent students to participate in research groups during their studies, even as early as the first year. 

European University of Valencia

The four-year degree program in Mechanical Engineering is a double mention, along with Automotive Engineering. The language of instruction is Spanish, and the degree program is part of the School of Architecture, Engineering, and Design.聽

The academic staff for the degree in mechanical engineering and automotive engineering is comprised of almost 70% doctors. Internships are a crucial part of the curriculum in this degree program. There are two kinds of internships available: curricular (which count as ECTS Credits) and extracurricular (voluntary internships). Both of these internship types help students experience the real-life working environment. 

The degree in mechanical engineering and automotive engineering allows students to specialize in several fields, such as:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics and Automation 
  • Automotive 
  • Robotics 
  • Industrial Organization 
  • Industrial Technologies 

University of Jaen

The degree in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year degree program available at the Higher Polytechnic School of Jaen. The ideal candidates for this degree program are curious about science and technology. You must also know mathematics, physics, chemistry, and drawing. Although the degree program is taught in Spanish, applicants with language proficiency in English have higher chances of enrollment. 

The University of Jaen offers students the possibility to study the mechanical engineering degree as a joint degree with any of the following engineering degrees available in this institution:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering 
  • Industrial Organization Engineering 

Considering the internship is needed for students to complete the degree and increase their chances of employment, the University of Jaen offers multiple internships. Furthermore, the Student Help and Assistance Service at the university provides free career guidance from in-site experts. 

Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV)

The Mechanical Engineering degree at Francisco de Vitoria University offers a unique teaching methodology where 50% of the curriculum works with real projects. The Center typically arranges these projects for High Technology and Motor Sport Competition as a facility only this university offers. Regarding the internship hours, which count as ECTS credits, the UFV has over 3,900 agreements with companies in the engineering industry. 

Among the many benefits that a degree in mechanical engineering at UFV offers, the high employability rate (93% of graduates find jobs) is worth mentioning. Furthermore, according to Erudera, the Francisco de Vitoria University is among the top three best universities in Spain for teaching and learning. 

With a mechanical engineering degree from the UFV, students can pursue multiple careers such as:

  • Production director 
  • Director of Industrial Design 
  • Director of Facilities
  • Director of Materials 
  • Factory Manager 
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Director of Design and Digital Manufacturing 

Polytechnic University of Cartagena 

For students who wish to pursue a career in the field of design and be able to optimize mechanical systems, a degree in Mechanical Engineering is the ideal choice. This degree available at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena is popular among many universities in Spain. The university offers international recognition and an excellent training program for future engineers. 

Among the many benefits that a degree in mechanical engineering offers is the double degree agreements with world-renowned universities. Furthermore, the university offers internships in some of the most prestigious international companies such as Mercedes, Bosch, Mahle, Hitachi, T茅cnicas Reunidas, and more. 

The mechanical engineering majors at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena can use this degree to pursue a career in any of the following engineering sectors:

  • Automobile industry 
  • Machinery Manufacturing 
  • Engineering projects
  • Industrial Constructions 
  • System Optimization Production 

University of Cadiz

The degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cadiz is a four-year degree program, and students must complete the full 240 ECTS credits to be eligible for graduation. The curriculum includes 60 credits of basic subjects, and the other credits include training, internships, and elective courses. To graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cadiz, students must also carry out the final degree project in the form of a thesis. 

Students of a mechanical engineering degree provide students with several skills required in their future careers after graduation from the University of Cadiz. Some essential skills include problem-solving abilities, an aptitude for study, and organization skills. Graduates will be able to analyze and deliver information and have a capacity for critical thinking and a capacity to work. 

The mechanical engineering degree’s compulsory subjects make up the majority of the ECTS credits, a total of 126. 

University of Lleida

The Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year degree program with three languages of instruction available: English, Spanish, and Catalan. This degree program from the University of Lleida is designed to train students for the engineering profession through a European profile. After completing the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, graduates can join the Master in Industrial Engineering, which is accessible to students of the University of Lleida. 

A degree in mechanical engineering allows students to work in any of the following sectors related to engineering:

  • Construction.  
  • Design of machines and machine elements. 
  • Robotics.
  • Management and planning.
  • Public administration. 
  • Teaching and research. 

There are two double degrees available to study along with the degree in mechanical engineering, including:

  • Mechanical Engineering & Energy and Environmental Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering and Energy and Sustainability Engineering