Best Universities to Study Economics in Spain

International students find Spanish universities the ideal study abroad institutions for any higher education degree. This phenomenon occurs because of the high education quality, great networking opportunities, and an extensive international student population

since it provides students with a large number of opportunities to work in Spain.

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Here are some of the best universities to study Economics in Spain:

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

According to Erudera, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is the best university in Spain for economics and business studies. The faculty of economics and business at the Autonomous University of Barcelona offers economics studies at all degree levels, including bachelor鈥檚, master’s, and Ph.D. studies. UAB is internationally recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. 

The UAB focuses on meeting the needs of every student with a student-centered approach. The economics and business faculty at UAB presents a curriculum that prioritizes practical learning over theoretical and prepares students for the real professional world. There are three departments in total, depending on the major and specialization students choose. 

Departments include:

  • Department of Applied Economics
  • Department of Economics and Economic History
  • Department of Business 

The majority of programs at the faculty of economics and business at UAB include research projects as an essential part of the degree program.

University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is home to many degree programs available on four different campuses such as Campus Pamplona, Campus San Sebastian, Campus Madrid, and IESE Business School. The University of Navarra continuously perfects its research studies, conducting interdisciplinary research and international and socially engaged research.

The benefits of studying at the University of Navarra include:聽

  • Comfortable space. 
  • Available counseling at any time. 
  • Professional training. 
  • Many learning opportunities. 
  • Assistance with applications, academic procedures, etc. 
  • Invaluable university life. 

According to Erudera, the School of Economics at the University of Navarra is ranked 5th among Spanish universities in economics and econometrics. 97% of graduates from the school of economics and business find jobs immediately after graduation. With over 130 exchange programs and agreements with other universities worldwide, students can put their networking skills to the test and expand their social and professional networks.

Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) 

The Barcelona School of Economics offers several master鈥檚 degrees in economics and finance. The specialization options for a master鈥檚 degree in economics include competition and market regulation, energy, climate change, sustainability development, the economics of public policy program, international trade and finance, and macroeconomic policy and financial markets programs. 

The regular master鈥檚 degree in economics presents some of the most efficient modeling techniques that are ideal for further work in economic research. The program is delivered in English, and graduates will have the title of a Master鈥檚 Degree in Economics and Finance. The program prepares students for future careers in a demanding industry while incorporating analytical skills. 

Below you can find some other noteworthy skills that students gain at Barcelona Business School:

  • In-depth knowledge of analytical and quantitive economics.  
  • Introduction to several specializations in different areas of economics. 
  • Gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a Ph.D. in economics.

University of Valencia

The Faculty of Economics at the University of Valencia introduces undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in economics. There are six regular degrees in the faculty of economics at the undergraduate level that include:

  • Degree in Business Management and Administration (ADE) 
  • Degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics 
  • Degree in Economics 
  • Degree in Finance and Accounting
  • Degree in International Business
  • Degree in Tourism 

Furthermore, the undergraduate level at the economics faculty also offers three double degrees in Business Management and Administration + Law, Law + Economics, and Tourism + Business Management Administration. Economics majors at the University of Valencia study English, Spanish, and Valencian. Students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of how the economy works.  

Here are some of the subjects that a degree in economics consists of:

  • Statistics 
  • Economic history 
  • Business management 
  • Financial accounting
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Strategic management 
  • Spanish economy 
  • Public sector economics 
  • Social Economics

University of Granada (UGR)

The undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Granada is a four-year program, and the only language of instruction is Spanish. The program includes some introductory subjects in economics such as macroeconomics and microeconomics, mathematics, economic policy analysis, econometrics, history, etc. The University of Granada produces notable alumni with a high employability rate upon graduation. 

An economics degree from the University of Granada helps students pursue careers as administrators, statisticians, auditors, logistic managers, and more. Most economics majors also work in the private sector, as individual financial consultants, international banks, etc. With an undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Granada, graduates will learn the skills necessary for being a professional in the industry. 

The University of Granada is ideal for international students who wish to pursue a career in economics because of the excellent qualifications they provide. According to Erudera, UGR is ranked fourth among the best universities in Spain, and its degree programs are internationally recognized.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

Over 2,900 international students get a higher education degree at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. International students make up 65% of the total number of students enrolled in this university. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid offers several master鈥檚 degrees in economics.

There are many benefits to getting a masters in economics at Carlos University, and here are some of them:

  • 90% employability rate after graduation. 
  • 80% of the student body completes an internship program during their studies. 
  • The teaching staff is all equipped with PhDs from international universities. 
  • A large number of available scholarships for all degree levels. 
  • English is the language of instruction. 
  • Available exchange programs to study in other European universities.  

There are four master鈥檚 degree programs available for economics, including a master’s in economic analysis, industrial economics and markets, economics, and a master’s of lifelong learning in health evaluation and market access.

University of Seville 

The Degree in Economics at the University of Seville is a four-year program, and the language of instruction is a combination of English and Spanish. The 240 ECTS Credits include a thorough curriculum with statistics, Finance, Accounting Basics, Economic history, Business Economics, micro, macroeconomics, mathematics, taxation, etc. 

Before applying for the economics degree program at the University of Seville, applicants must make sure that they can prove language proficiency both in English and a second language (i.e., Spanish). The second language must be at a minimum B2 level to get considered for admission to the program. The language proficiency evidence must be per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

The degree in economics at the University of Seville is also available as a double degree at the international level. The double degree typically allows students to pursue two-degree levels at once to speed up the process of graduating with two degrees simultaneously.

University of Barcelona 

The University of Barcelona is internationally renowned for its high education quality, unique teaching methodology, and notable alumni. Similar to most degrees, the economics department offers a variety of courses and degree levels. One of the most popular economics degrees at the University of Barcelona is the Master of Science in Economics, which produces professionals in economics.

The MSc in Economics at the University of Barcelona trains students and future economists to work at the top research companies and projects in the city or internationally. An excellence accreditation from the Universities Council proves excellence in academic achievements.

On the other hand, the bachelor’s degree in Economics consists of basic subjects, which resemble the curriculum of most Economics degree programs in different Spanish universities. They offer the possibility to choose a mathematics minor for students who wish to expand their knowledge in the subject.  

With an economics degree at the University of Barcelona, you can work in any of the following career paths:

  • Public administration. 
  • International organizations 
  • International banks 
  • Sales 
  • Research
  • Education 
  • Private sector

Universidad Complutense de Madrid 

The Faculty of Economics and Business at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid offers a bachelor’s degree in economics. This is the ideal degree program for international students since it gives them the chance to pursue their studies in English abroad. A degree in economics has been available since 1941. It is a highly qualified degree, and it is equipped with all the necessary tools for a successful study experience.  

The bachelor’s degree is a four-year program with English as the main language of instruction; however, the fourth year includes courses in Spanish. Lucky for international students, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid allows students to attend free Spanish classes to be prepared for their final year. 

Below you can find some of the courses you will take as an economics major: 

  • Microeconomics I, II, III
  • Macroeconomics I, II, III
  • Business Economics
  • Modern Language
  • Mathematics I, II, III
  • Statistics I, II